Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally, a Great Sunset

Luck was on my side last night. During the day, I had driven into Boston with two girls from work for a corporate event. During the drive home, I noticed the clouds that had been hanging over Massachusetts for days were finally making their way off the coast from west to east. I could barely make out some blue sky on the horizon, and the sun was hanging below the cloud line just enough to blind me. The view was nice, but I didn't really anticipate anything special. But as I got out of my coworker's car and looked up, I noticed the clouds were starting to dip down and take on a pink hue. I couldn't see much of the sky from where I stood, so I quickly got into my car and started heading home. The timing couldn't have been better. The pictures in this post are what I saw. Though I took many of them in threes to get the HDR effect, it really wasn't necessary.

Here are three of HDR photos from last night:

And here are several unadulterated photos:

Finally, I can rest easy knowing I caught at least one amazing sunset this fall!

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